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We evoke passion and creativity within each​ event activation strategy by creating innovative and bespoke experiences to be remembered while incorporating your key messaging​. Every detail and design is a reflection of your unique signature.

We weave your brand language into your event through sumptuous colors, luxurious textures, curated music and cuisine with a subtle nod to tradition and innovation.

Every element of your event needs to be considered, as we walk through multiple perspectives to see how all people involved will engage with your brand. Proactive conversations are initiated to anticipate possible roadblocks to ensure a memorable occasion and convey authenticity.

Awards shows, galas and fundraisers are approached starting with the primary motivation of your consumer and answering their curiosity with an unforgettable moment associated with your brand.


“Through years of curating large scale corporate events, we know the importance of understanding your core values, how your brand is perceived and how your event needs to convey its purpose and authentic key messaging at your event.” 


-Connie Amartey

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